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Psychic nature definition

NOTE:  Vitvan’s definition of the Psychic nature can be most simply interchanged for the term “soul” – Marion.


Psychic nature The personality pattern : North half = Higher psyche. South half = Lower psyche.  Can be described as our entire past including all the palingenetic cyclic processes of putting forth and taking in. The past is rolled up like a scroll and this “scroll” we call the psychic nature. 

The cumulative results in an individual’s consciousness which has been developed during this span of living in identity: with his physiological organism, with the world as objective, with the values given thereto, and with the resultant reactions. This composite, organized and unified result we label psychic-nature. 

The psycho-logical processes which are the basis of all evaluations. Cosmology p. 17. The totality of that which is reflected, with its gunas or qualities to each sensation, feeling, desire, thought. A 

We in the S.N.O. use the term psychic nature as a synonym for what the modern psychologists call the unconscious. 

The level upon which and individual’s personality pattern is developed. “In our school we use the terms personality and psychic nature as synonyms for the ensemble of forces which motivate our functions – all our functions.”  That total content of our consciousness, the psychic level is called the psychic nature or soul. 

That which is reflected constitutes the content of the psychic nature. This “content” is called the person, the personality pattern, the person in sense life, the little self in separation from his Greater Self, the intrinsic Power-to-be-conscious, etc.  Your whole realm of sensations, feelings, desirings, emotions, thinkings in varying mixtures and varying degrees. The ensemble of actions and reactions caused by values attributed to images-appearing-substantive which we call the objective world. 

That differentiating process that we call our personality, our individuality, etc., is an individualizing process taking place in that oversoul or race psyche, and that is what we label the psychic nature. 

The forces that operate in all sensations, feelings, emotional and thinking functions, that’s your psychic nature. Your physiological organism functions, that’s your psychic nature.  The seat of feelings and thinkings, ‘psychological’ process of a person. More often the term psychic nature is used in the SNO for this gestalt or total ensemble of feelings-thinkings.

Your basic point of development determines the content of your psychic nature. One cannot build into his psychic nature any quality, entity, substance, which is not comparable to the state in which he is basically conscious of himself, his basic state of development. The configuration of units of energy into forms stands as representative of the total content of the psychic nature. Psycho-logical processes is what we call the content of the psychic nature.