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Ascension into Service

Answering the Spiritual Call

People who are guided by their souls are destined to bring spiritual light to humanity. Around the world, spiritually minded people are responding to The Call to transform the human condition. Such people are change agents in support of the Soul of Humanity and its evolution. Yet, at times, various internal obstacles hinder them from truly rising to their soul’s calling. William Meader will examine the nature of The Call as it manifests within human consciousness and will discuss how the personality (lower-self) tends to block the soul’s intention and what can be done to overcome this tendency.

William Meader - Practical Mysticism: The Way of the Future

William Meader: The Evolving Soul of Humanity

The Evolving Soul of Humanity

Practical Mysticism: The Way of the Future

For centuries, mysticism has been a major force in our quest to experience God and the spiritual dimension of life. Over time, this quest has evolved into a new and more enlightened approach called practical mysticism. To be a practical mystic, an individual must be inwardly oriented toward the soul while at the same time focused on practical action in the outer world. In this presentation, the nature and application of practical mysticism will be presented. Methods for blending love and mind will be discussed, as well as a more enlightened understanding of spiritual service..

Crisis is a prerequisite

Crisis is a prerequisite to spiritual transformation. The present crisis facing humanity is an indication that a great transformational opportunity is approaching. The Soul of Humanity is in the process of awakening, and global crisis is its forerunner. Speaker William Meader explores spiritual approaches that can support humanity’s transition into a brighter future.