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We have a motto in the School of the Natural Order, “Sortem Suam Quisque Amet,” which

literally translated means “Let each one love his own destiny.” This can also be literally translated,

“Each love his destiny.” This lesson is to describe the meaning symbolized by the word destiny:

Destiny Two types: Created and Self-created. Created destiny is when your latitude of choices are shaped by your polarized thoughts, and other influences that influence you hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. Thus you build your destiny. A synonym is karma, The way you work, consciously or unconsciously.

Self-Created or Discovered destiny is that which is buried in matter and is that eternal Power-to-be-conscious struggling and working to pip its shell and become conscious of itself. …. that destiny is the real purpose of it all, to be conscious of that is our real destiny, to be conscious of the Self. Practices in Individual Development p. 13 ff . See Also Karma, Sortem Suam Quisque Amet.

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Ralph deBit

Ralph Moriarity deBit, the man who would be called Vitvan, was born in a second story bedroom at his parents' home in Council Grove, Kansas, on Christmas morning, 1883. He was the third child and the second son born to Katie and William Ralph deBit. In the next four years he would be followed by two sisters: